Submit a Community Post (Instructions)

We accept any written, drawn, photographed, or any other creative works that have to do with eating disorders, recovery, or mental health.

However, we ask that you please keep the following in mind:

  1. Please try to avoid highly triggering material. For example, please try to avoid numbers and instead talk about your experiences more generally. We ask you to do this for the safety of our community since individuals are at different points of their recovery.
  2. The Beating Eating Disorders admins will review every submission and reserve the right to not publish material we believe doesn’t uphold our community values. We also reserve the right to add trigger warnings where we see fit.
  3. To be considered for publication on our blog, please include the following three things in your message to us:
    1. The title for your work, if any. Any work submitted without a title may simply be published as “Untitled”.
    2. Whether or not you want your name included in the publication. You are more than welcome to request yourself to be anonymous. We also accept nicknames or initials.
    3. If you have an image or photograph to be included with your post (except for art-work submissions). Please only include images or photographs that are yours, you have explicit permission to use, or are free domain. If you do not have any such images available, our team will select one for you.

To speed up and make the easier the process of submitting your work, please follow the above instructions as carefully as possible.

If you have work you would like to submit, please contact us!