About the Team

Kelly (Founder)

Kelly B., 28, is the founder of Beating Eating Disorders. She started this page when she recognized that the support and sense of community was sparse on a global level in response to a disease that can affect any one individual. She wanted to provide a ground for connection with individuals to increase hope and morale. She is dedicated to help educate people about Eating Disorders and support others on their journey to health, happiness, light and love.

Kelly obtained a Bachelors of Science in Registered Nursing degree from the University of Windsor, Ontario and has worked in both the community and hospital settings including a leading Children’s Hospital. She is currently employed at a renowned Eating Disorder treatment centre as a Registered Nurse.

Kelly is passionate about helping others and being a positive contributor to society, she works closely with other advocacy groups to bring awareness and educate people about eating disorders. The growth of Beating Eating Disorders has far exceeded her expectations, and she will continue to use this platform to benefit others.

Kira (Senior Community Manager)

Kira R., 23, lives in Moscow, Russia and is currently finishing her master’s degree in Global Mental Health. In 2015, she joined Beating Eating Disorders in hopes of spreading awareness and support in the eating disorder recovery community, particularly through uplifting and supporting marginalized and underrepresented people. She has also interned with organizations such as the National Eating Disorders Association (US) and Adios Barbie, and had her writing featured on publications like ThirdWheeled and Everyday Feminism. Additionally, in 2016, she had the honour of serving on the steering committee for the first World Eating Disorders Day of Action. 

Kira’s specific interest is in eating disorder and mental health advocacy in Russia and Eastern Europe. During her undergraduate career, she wrote her honors thesis on discourse on eating disorders in Russia and the US, with a focus on marginalized and underrepresented populations. For her master’s dissertation, she explored Russian people’s perception and opinion of mental health fields of study and mental health practitioners. 

Allie (Senior Staff Member)

Allie D., 21, recently graduated from Binghamton University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She is passionate about raising awareness, specifically for eating disorders, as she has realized that there is a lack of education, understanding, and support. Throughout her college career, Allie was involved in a variety of internships and volunteer positions. She served as a mental health outreach peer educator to raise awareness about mental health and educate her peers about vital campus resources. In addition, she was the Vice President of Applications and Training for the student run helpline. Allie also has been involved in research studies regarding eating disorders, trauma, and couple functioning. In addition, she spent numerous months interning at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy in New York City. In her spare time, Allie enjoys baking, painting, and socializing with her friends and family. Those who know her well know that she also has an enormous love for Boo the Dog. Her past experiences have built upon one another and Allie is currently pursuing her doctorate in clinical psychology. She plans to specialize in eating disorders and continue raising awareness about mental health and breaking the stigma that surrounds it.