About the Organization

Eating disorders are a severe mental illness. They consume individuals, destroy lives, ruin families, rob sanity and ultimately kill. You cannot always see eating disorders. They are insidious, secretive, sneaky, deceitful mental conditions that are often stigmatized, misunderstood, mistreated, shamed, ridiculed, ignored and misaligned. Eating disorders are neither a choice nor a conscious decision – no one would consciously choose such silent suffering. Yet many of those afflicted struggle in silence due to fear, harassment, lack of adequate treatment options and the general belief that their disease is self-inflicted.

We are here to give those suffering in silence, alone, in treatment, seeking treatment, in relapse or recovered a voice and a platform to further the discussion and awareness of this deadly disease. We share stories of struggle and hope, stories of despair and triumph to support those struggling to accept and move beyond their illness. We choose to provide open and honest conversation to open eyes, ears and hearts to what so many are going through. No shame, no stigma, no blame, but rather the right to communicate openly and honestly about this disease. The understanding that everyone suffering needs to be heard, respected, acknowledged and deserves to be treated, given the opportunity to move beyond and live a whole complete life.

Pictures, articles and personal stories as well as support and love are welcome to be shared.

Disclaimer: The information contained in posts does not necessarily reflect the views of Beating Eating Disorders. They are for information only and cannot provide a formal diagnosis. If you require help with any mental health issues please contact a registered counsellor, doctor or psychiatrist. Please note that we cannot provide personal advice and counselling.